Smt. R. S. M. Poonawala Sarvajanik Experimental School

Admission Procedure

The purpose of our admission policy is to help you through the admission process effectively and to help you place your child in the appropriate class at R.S.M.Poonawala sarvajanik Experimental School. The more relevant information we have, the more effectively we will be able to achieve this.

  • To begin with, documentation which you need to submit with your application:
  • A copy of EITHER the child’s birth certificate (Original)
  • Official copies of the student’s academic reports for the past one years
  • One recent passport size photographs
  • Application Form
  • School leaving Certificate from the previous school.

Once your application is received, the admission process will begin. Your child’s age will give the initial indication as to the appropriate class, and the aptitude test will either confirm this or lead to further assessment.

Admission year 2020-21


Duration of birthdate


01/04/2017 To 31/03/2018


01/04/2016 To 31/03/2017


01/04/2015 To 31/03/2016


  • The admission has started for std.-1.
  • Admission is available for every standard.