Smt. R. S. M. Poonawala Sarvajanik Experimental School

Vision / Mission / Values

The vision of the Experimental School is that all students become lifelong learners equipped with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to succeed as productive and responsible citizens in a local, national and global society.

The mission of Experimental School is to provide an effective educational experience through the medium of mother tongue i.e. Gujarati and prepare every student to find success in our complex society competing with sound mind, body and profound thinking.

 In the 21st Century at a time of uncertainty and rapid change in education, society and in particular young people, the future for school has to be positive one.

The key challenges and priorities are to hold firm to core values and ensure that staff focus on what they are delivering in the classroom. To ensure our students have a chance to develop, to grow and ultimately play a role in society. The students are to be prepared for a world that is difficult to predict and increasingly uncertain.