Smt. R. S. M. Poonawala Sarvajanik Experimental School

Our History

Smt. R. S. M. Poonawala Sarvajanik Education School Foundation  1st June 1981.         

Principal Dr. Dhirubhai V. Desai 's dream of starting Experimental school in the campus of the B.Ed. college was materialized when his idea was accepted by the standing Committee of Sarvajanik Education Society in the Year 1980.    During that period four enthusiastic members [ Shree Sunilbhai Modi, Shree Dilipbhai Marfatia, Shree Jayvadan Jariwala and Shree Rameshbhai Pachhigar] of Sarvajanik Education Society got a big plot of 12578 from the Municipal Corporation and it was decided to start the Experimental school on the same plot. During that time Shree Virendra Gandhi was advisory lawyer of Corporation. So he also played very important role to get this plot. 

The great donor Shree Sitaram Madhavji Poonawala donated Rs. 2 lakh in the memory of his wife. So from June 1981 the decision was taken to start the School by the name Smt. Rukshmaniben Sitaram Madhavaji Poonawala Sarvajanik Experimental School. 11 Classes with 500 students were begun in two shifts at the principal's bungalow in the MTB Arts college. Dr. Dhirubhai Desai, Principal of B.Ed. college then took great care and paid in the development and progress of the school. So far the economic condition of school was not so favourable. So one charity show organized to collect the donation. Dr. Dhirubhai Desai, professors, Students, teachers, non-teaching staff and parents, they all helped a lot to collect the donation for school. This also helped to overcome the primary difficulties of the school.

The school had run in the MTB college campus in the First term and then in the second term it was shifted to the new building which was built near Ambika Niketan. Crisis of money became hurdles in the development of the school. Meanwhile majority members of managing committee donated some amount to build one classroom Moreover Surat People’s Bank also donated Rs. 3 lakh. The credit goes to Dr. Manubhai and Virendra Gandhi for the donation of Surat Peoples Bank. Smt. Shashikala Gajiwala donated Rs. 1 lakh And the amount used to build water tank. Dr. Manubhai Patel and Shri Gamanbhai Gandhi [ I.C. Gandhi silk mills] got donation for the SES of Rs. 3 lakh.once again Surat peoples Co.Op. Bank donated Rs. 2 Lakh.Shri Manojbhai Parekh played very good role.

From June 1987 the Nusery classes started. In the year 1995-96 the inauguration of the hall was done by Hon-Justice Shri D. A. Desai. The Municipal Commissioner Shri S.R.Rao was the Guest of Honour on the occasion.

The flow of donation was continued. Shri Rameshbhai H. Luthra charitable Trust donated Rs. 8 Lakh for the hall.

Through Motiben Charitable Trust Shri Kanubhai Patel donated Rs. 11 Lakh for the activities of the school. Second Vice Chairman Shri Dinkarrai Naik Played very good role to get both these donations.

Shree Bhikhabhai Marfatia donated Rs. 15 lakh for 'Indrarshu' activity hall through the efforts by Shri Dilipbhai Marfatia.

In the year 2000-2001 a Bhumi-Poojan' Ceremony for Skating Ring for outdoor games was done by the chairman of SES Shri Jamanadas Halatwala, The Skating Ring was inaugurated by Mr. Halatwala and a well-known industrialist Mr. C. R. Patil.

All three buildings of school campus were linked with one another. As a result, the School got facility of two more rooms. Audio visual room and drawing room.

Today all employees are qualified, active, Computer, Dance,   Karate,  Aerobics and Skating all activities are done in school.


As per our school name R.S.M.Poonawala Experimental School, so many new experiments are done in our school, for the students over all personalitys.And with  these new experiments  and   new chances in education system.our students make proud to the school. In the modern era, and being with it,our school provide smart class education. These are so many teaching aids for learning process.

There is a concept of burdenless education in our school. Our school motto and priority is to give practical knowledgeable  education for students. We also give activity based education  in our school. By the activities ,students can get practical knowledge and able to be tackle the situation.

Our school management always  provide good facilities for students education. There is a low level of fees. Our school has much qualified and trained staff. Frequently, our school organized seminars and activities for the upgradation of teachers.

Directly indirectly ,the management of Sarvajanik Society and the group of parents also help in programs of students.